Residential Home with New Roof

Prevent Roof Leaks with Shingle Replacement

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Your house's roof is arguably its most important feature. A strong roof prevents leaks that can lead to all kinds of interior damage. Maintain your roof's durability with shingle replacement in Nanuet, NY. If your roof's damage is extensive but fixable, we provide roof repairs. Reach out to Infinity Roofing NY to discuss your needs and to learn about your roofing options.

Roof and Chimney

Quality Roof Work

We send a crew of 6 to do quality roof services for you. Based on your roof's condition, we will remove damaged shingles and replace them with GAF Timberline products. Additionally, we will fix your roof when shingle replacement doesn't correct the damage.

Our complete roof jobs include making sure the job site is clean before we leave. Rates will vary depending on the job's size; however, the price includes all necessary roofing supplies.